Larisa Iordache: PT “was good and not so good”

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Here is a brief chat we had we Larisa after podium training at the 2017 Montreal Worlds:


How was training today

Larisa: It was good and it was not so good.

What went well?

Larisa: It was good that I took the pulse of the venue and that I did my job on the first events. The first apparatuses went well but beam did not go so well. But I hope that during the meet it will be much better.

You are holding some ice, is it for you or for someone else?

Larisa: My personal issues (laughs). I have a problem I came with from home, with my heel, i feel a slight hindrance, but I can live with it for another week.

The lighting is quite strong, does it bother you in any way?

Larisa: Yes it’s true the lights are very strong but it all depends on you, if you have many points of reference for your routines, especially on beam and bars it can be confusing. But it depends also on how you get used to them, I hope I got used to them and that in the day of the competition I will remember only the good executions and the bad ones to correct in training.

You introduced a new element on bars a more difficult dismount, when did you learn it and why didn’t you do it so far?

Larisa: I started learning it a long time ago, when I was 14 or 15. I didn’t add it so far because my strategy was different, to be more secure but now I thought I should do it, since I know this element. If I know these elements I should introduce them and do them well. I practiced and it went well.

On floor, you introduced the Silivas on the first pass, will you do it during the competition?

Larisa: Of course I will try it, I hadn’t done it in a while because of some of my health issues, my heel problem, I tried to protect (my foot) it in the meets that I had so far, I took it easy, step by step. Of course, I want to compete with Silivas, I want to full it off very well because I trained a lot and I hope I will manage to do everything lice I practiced.

You trained in Deva, Izvorani, Bucharest. How was the last year?

Larisa: This year was different because I am now working with the Moldovans and I like this set-up because we know each other for a long to time, they know me very well and when I can’t do something they know me well, and I let them decide what we should do best and bit by bit I start my practice and they know how to motivate me.

Have you been at Deva a lot this year?

Larisa: Yes, once before Euros. It was nice, I liked it and I felt well there, with the girls and other coaches.

And do you know whether you will go there next year, is there a plan?

Larisa: No, I don’t know anything but I hope things will stay the same because I feel well in this team.

What is the biggest wish you have for qualifications?

Larisa: My biggest wish is to be calm, patient, to enjoy gymnastics, to do everything with joy.

What are your expectations, what finals do you aim?

Larisa: I just aim to please myself, to feel happy at the end.


Article: Bea Gheorghisor

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