Opinion Pieces

Opinion Pieces


Everybody has an opinion when it comes to gymnastics. Here are some interesting, thoughtful and even contentious views on the sport.

Oh Becca Brigid McCarthy

On Rebecca Bross’s injury at the 2011 Visas

Thinking about Shawn Johnson Brigid McCarthy

On Shawn Johnson’s Performance at the 2011 Covergirl Classic

Staying in the Shadows, Choice or Restraint? Bea Gheorghisor

Will Bellu and Bitang be on the floor for Romania in 2011?

‘Can we find Another narrative for Gymnastics?’ Brigid McCarthy

Ruminating on the gymnastics story as told by television and film over the years.  Read

‘Fortune Favours the Brave!’ Beatrice Gheorghisor

An in-depth look at the return of Octavian Bellu and marianna Bitang to Romanians gymnastics, with particular reference to their special relationship to the media. Read


‘Respecting Rebecca Bross’ Brigid McCarthy

Why we should have so much respect for this fierce American gymnast.   Read

‘Embracing what is worth celebrating’ Emer Hults

What should be celebrated in women’s artistic gymnastics. Read

Of Feet and Gymnastics’. Alix Carlo

The troubling tendency of gymnasts to sickle their feet in performance. Read

‘Komova and the Hype Machine’. Bronwyn Sanders

Will Vikotoriya Komova live up to the hype that surrounds her junior career in gymnastics? Read

‘The obvious Decline in Quality’ C.E Harrelson

Issues of artistry, choreography and execution in today’s gymnastics. Read


‘Bellu’s Strategy’ Beatrice Gheorghisor

Analysing Bellu and Bitangs moves since re-joining the Romanian National team. Read


‘The Most Important Relationship in Gymnastics’ Brigid McCarthy

The best coach/gymnast relationships out there. Read


‘Doing way with the Three Up-Three Count’ by Suna Zekioglu

Why we should do away with this team competition format. Read


“If Vault Comes Last We all Win!’ Justin Caouette

An argument for why vault should be competed last in major competitions. Read


‘Grace Under Pressure’ Brigid McCarthy

Charting the reasons behind China’s Rocky Rise in the sport. Read


‘Gender Neutrality in Gymnastics’ Justin Caouette

Responding to Nelli Kim’s claims for gender neutrality in this sport. Read


‘Romania’s Whipping Boy?’ Beatrice Gheorghisor

Has Nicolae Forminte ecome Romania’s scapegoat? Read


The Trouble with FIG’ by Matt Esler

What is wrong with the current state of gymnastics. Read