Amelia McGrath, 2011, On injuries, recovery and beam mind tricks!

Shawn Johnson, Visas, 2011- ‘I may not be at the top yet, but I plan to be there.’

Alicia Sacramone, Covergirl, 2011- ‘I Have One more Year of Gymnastics Left in Me’

Chelsie Memmel, Covergirl, 2011 _-’It was Strange and Scary’

Bridgette and Mackenzie Caquatto- ‘A special kind of Competition’

Nica Hults, Covergirl, 2011, ‘I’ve been a Beamer since I was a litle kid!’

Cassie Whitcomb- making the transition from elite to college, 2011

Sabrina Vega, Covergirl, 2011

Nilson Savage, Ghent, 2011

Jessica Lopez and Nilson Savage- (2010) The Venezuelan gymnast and Brazilian coach talk about their careers and their hopes for the future.

Alina Kozich- The Ukrainian gymnast talks about working as a coach in Japan.

Ana Porgras- The Romanian gymnast gives an update from a Romanian training camp in Italy.

Roni Rabinovitz- The Israeli gymnasts talks abot what her life and training is like in her country.


Sabina Cojacar - catching up with the former Romanian gymnastics star as she moves onto other projects.

Kim Janas- A young German gymnast on the rise.

Adriana Pop- the life and memories of world famous gymnastics choreographer.

Anamaria Tamirjan- On giving up on gymnastics.


Pat Warren- The dedicated and experienced US coach talks about what it takes to be good at the job.

Cristinel Micu- The coach of the Deva juniors talks about his life and job.

Dare Maxwell - An up-and-coming gymnast from Texas Dreams.

Isis Lowery and Maddie Green- The stars of Jets gymnastics in Australia prepare for an exciting year in gymnastics.

Nicoleta Onel- Catching up with a former nineties gymnastics star.

Nicole Langevin- On beginning a choreography business from scratch.

Serena Lichetta- An interview with the young Italian star.


Iris Van Den Broek- An interview with a talented Dutch gymnastics photographer.

Anastasia Grishina- Russia great new talent.

Dory Dynna- One of Canada’s best-known gymnastics photographers.

Nataliya Sinkova- The story of the Ukrainian coach who found herself trainign the Malaysian National team.

Maria Gillich Cosma- The memories of a career as Romania’s beam coach in the 1980s.

Marlies Rijken- The rising Dutch gymnast.

Gina Robertson- A gymnastics ‘mom’ talks about keeping her National Champion daughter career in gymnastics, from a family viewpoint.

Ariel Edesses- Irish gymnastics from a coaches perspective.

Thema Williams- Getting to know the young star of Trinidad’s gymnastics scene.


Nica Hults- A bright young star in US gymnastics.

Carlotta Ferlito- The Italian star talks about her experiences at the Youth Olympic Games.

Angela Donald- The Australian star talks about her experiences at the Youth Olympic Games.

Sofi Gomez- The Guatemalan star talks about her experiences at the Youth Olympic Games.

Julie Croket of Belgium- After winnin gold in Ghent, 2010.

Oksana Chusovitina- talking at german nationals, 2010

Annette Telfer- Starting gymnastics in Trinidad from scratch.


Interviews as part of an exclusive feature on team dynamics and competition;

Tasha Schwikert

Maria Olaru

Georgia Bonora

Danusia Francis

Brittany Rogers