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Preview: 2015 British Championships

Craig Tilley tells us why we should be paying attention to the British Championships, despite a very busy gym-weekend.


Doha: Qualifications Results

Doha World Cup has started with qualifications to all four event finals. Find the results here.

Larisa Iordache cover

Larisa Iordache to skip 2015 Euros

The decision that had been practically floating around for a few weeks now has been taken.


Cottbus World Cup: Event Finals

Find here the results of the finals and watch the top routines of Cottbus World Cup

Dutch euroqualifications2015

Dutch Euro Qualification (Part 2)

Find whether Eythora Thorsdottir to also won the second Dutch EC Qualis. A report from Eef van Leeuwen.


Cottbus World Cup: Qualifications

Find here the full qualification results of the Cottbus World Cup


The List: Greatest Team Competitions (Part 1)

The Greatest Team Competitions – part 1 of a new mini-series, in which we discuss our favorite team competitions.


2015 Euros: Nominative Registration Announced

Find here the nominative list of participants for the 2015 European Championships.

English Champs

English Championships: Best Routines

Find the results and watch a list of the top 10 must-see routines from the English Championships.


French Championships: Results and Videos

Find here results and a report for the meet in Rouen; an important stop along the way to a France-hosted Euro.


The Dutch Hold Euro Qualification

Six Dutch gymnasts had their first qualification meet for the 2015 Europeans. Find here a report and results.

emilia eberle cover

March Birthday: Emilia Eberle

Celebrating the member of a legendary team and a successful individual competitor of the golden era of gymnastics.


Russian Championships Event Finals

Catching up with the event finals results at the Russian Champs (with supporting video) and the early Euro team announcement.


2015 American Cup: Results and Report

Simone Biles dominates the field in Arlington, Skinner delivers all-around, and Fasana grabs some spotlight. Results and analysis of the American Cup.


Russian Championships: Team Final

Find here results and video for the team final competition at the Russian Championships taking place between the 4th and the 8th of March.


The Nastia Liukin Cup: Impressions and Results

Impressions and Results from the Nastia Liukin Cup: Level 10 Competitors, U.S. Depth, Good Experiences.



So, What Did I Miss?

The past week in gymnastics news, competition updates, video and pictures!

( March 5, 2015 )
SWDIM cover

So, What Did I Miss?

US, Russia, Romania, France, Brazil, Great Britain and more have updates for you this week. Read more here!

( February 26, 2015 )
swdim 2

So, What Did I Miss?

February and March competition updates, news from Romania, videos from the US camp and Gabby’s training videos

( February 18, 2015 )

So, What Did I Miss?

Find an overview of this mid-February competitions, updates and video from the US camp, Euros schedule and prospects and more.

( February 12, 2015 )



A Look Back: Grishina

Before a new season begins and new seniors enter the fray, we look back at gymnasts who had unexpected outings in 2014.

( February 13, 2015 )

The Russian Team: Post-Worlds Reflections

Sara Dorrien: “the sharpest growing edge may simply be moving beyond the grief of having “lost” so many top athletes from the previous cycle”.

( November 19, 2014 )
GB Cover

GB: Just as Expected or Underwhelming?

A breakdown of Team GB’s performance in Nanning,with Craig Tilley.

( October 27, 2014 )
simone cover

Not just about the medals…

Caroline Price tells up why Simone Biles is already one of the greatest gymnasts in history.

( October 26, 2014 )

Birthdays & Profiles

emilia eberle cover

March Birthday: Emilia Eberle

Celebrating the member of a legendary team and a successful individual competitor of the golden era of gymnastics.

( March 11, 2015 )

February Birthday Profile

This month, we celebrate with career highlights of one of the most beloved gymnasts in history.

( February 9, 2015 )

December Birthday: Anna Dementyeva

Anna Dementyeva was born in Samara, Russia, on the 28th of December 1994.

( December 30, 2014 )
zgoba cover

November Birthday Profile: Dariya Zgoba

This month we celebrate the birthday and career of Dariya Zgoba, European Champion.

( November 6, 2014 )