2018 Tokyo World Cup: Results and Report

The last all around world cup of the 2017/2018 season took place in Tokyo on the 14th of April.

Mai Murakami won the all around competition with a total of 56.532: she had a great double twisting Yurchenko, hit her bars routine for a 13.7 (5.5). On beam she was rewarded with the same score for an incredibly difficult routine (13.7/5.8): switch leap mount, pike front, flick loso with big check, switch ring leap, side aerial, punch front to straddle leap. On floor she had the best routine of the competition, reminding everyone that she is the reigning world champion on the event: quad turn, Silivas, double layout to stag, double full, layout front full, double L turn, double back pike  (14.566/6.0).

Trinity Thomas finished 2nd  with a total of 54.533. She had a 14.33 on vault ( Yurchenko 1 1/2), a great bars routine for a 14.0 (5.7 D),  while on beam she received a 13.1 for her 5.4 difficulty routine. Trinity had a fantastic floor routine: huge double layout, 1 1/2 to double back pike, double wolf turn, front layout front layout front full, double back pike (13.4/5.5)

Melanie de Jesus Dos Santos finished third with 53.998 after a noticeable floor mistake: full in layout with a huge lunge forward, full in tuck, front full to stag, double back tuck (12.533/5.1). She received a 14.066 for her Yurchenko double full; a 14.033/6.0 for a bars routine with Tkachev from inbar to Pak, Komova to high bar, Ejova, van Leeuwen, full in double layout to dismount. On beam she was as always incredibly artistic while doing a fair amount of difficulty:  front tuck mount, front pike, flick layout to two feet, aerial walkover, switch 1/2, switch ring leap, double back tuck for  13.366/5.4.

Angelina Simakova from Russia finished 4th with 53.732. She had a striking floor routine with unique choreo and nicely landed passes: 2 1/2 to front full, full in tuck, double back pike, double back tuck for 13.1/5.2.

Elisabeth Seitz had a total of 52.299 and finished 5th: she had the best routine of the meet on bars Chow II, Ricna, pike Jaeger, pike Tkachev to Pak, van Leeuwen, full pirouette to full in dismount (14.633/6.2).

Aiko Sugihara was 6th with 51.933, while Victoria Woo was 7th with 48.465.

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Article: Bea Gheorghisor

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