2017 Euros: All Around Quick Hits

Unfortunately Tabea Alt will not compete today, she was withdrawn and team mate Pauline Schaeffer will take her place in the all around final. Such a shame she will not have the opportunity to fight for a medal, when she looked like a big favorite entering the competition. The gold will then be decided between Downie, Kovacs and Eremina. Thorsdottir can also contend.

Rotation 1

Zsofia Kovacs (VT): fantastic double twisting Yourchenko, beautiful form, almost stuck 14.6/5.4

Ellie Downie (VT):  strong DTY for her as well very high but not as well landed, as Kovacs 14.566/5.4

Melanie De Jesus (UB): amazing routine for her, just like in qualifications, I love how she floats and looks like she stoops for a moment mid van  Leeuwen. And then she hits us with the full in double layout dismount 14.1/5,8

Kapitonova (UB) better than in qualifications but still with a major break right before the dismount 14.1/6.1.

Grisetti (UB): beautiful form until the inbar Tkachev where she lost a bit of momentum. Still no major issues, Endo to double front dismount with step forward 13.533/5.5

Thorsdottir (VT): DTY for 14.10

Crisan (FX): stuck full in, wobble on 5/2 to front full, double pike, good leaps, stuck double back tuck 13.1/4.9

Rotation 2

Kovacs (UB): she is very good on this event as well, good van Leeuven, pike Jaeger, leg separation on the full turn and messy legs on dismount with a 0.3 step forward. 14.333

Downie (UB): this will be her big challenge today, bigger than beam. Nice Maloney, good pike Tkachev, nice flights to low and van Leeuwen back to high bar, DLO with hop back. It will be right there with Kovacs:. 14.3/5.9!

Cintia Rodriguez (FX): super clean but low difficulty, stuck double pike, double tuck. 12/8/4.6

Eythora (UB): big routine for her- Chow I to Pak, overshoot to handstand, Ray, straddle Jaeger, peels off… full in dismount. No gold for her today.

Eremina (UB): Nabieva (awesome) to Pak,  van Leeuwen with legs all over the place, inbar to inbar half to front giant to layout Jaeger, full in dismount. 14.3/6.0  Seems to be the UB score if you do your job today.

Cimpian (VT):  DTY a bit low but securely landed 14.266

Schaeffer (UB): Maloney, Pak, Ray turns, falls off

Melanie De Jesus (BB): 13.833, her score was upgraded from 13.433 after she challenged it.


Rotation 3

Downie (BB): punch front, leap, stuck Arabian, switch leap switch half, almost falls on double turn, flick- loso wobble, side aerial, stuck 2 1/2. Not her best but she survived beam and will score well 13.066/5.3

De Jesus (FX): Full in ( big step and goes out of bounds), double pike (out again), front layout to front layout full, wolf turn, double tuck 12.766

Bui (BB): layout salto mount (wobble), flick- layout to two, very messy legs wide apart, side aerial, not her best routine so far, stuck Gainer layout dismount. 12.533

Perez (VT): full twisting Yurchenko with a hop 13.6

Crisan (UB): hits her bars routine, with the same issues – messy legs on Pak, some short handstands 13.0/4.9

Kaeslin (VT): messy FTY 13.266

Thorsdottir is having a horrible day, she falls on balance beam as well.

Volleman (VT): messy DTY, a bit low

Eremina (BB): round-off flick mount. Falls. Flick layout stepout – layout stepout and a check, Y turn, front aerial to scale, split leap with full turn, side aerial wobble, triple full dismount. Shame about the mount, it could have been gold.

Cimpian (UB) falls on Jaeger and messes up after the Maloney as well.10.541

Kovacs (BB): Good routine for her, she extends her lead!


Rotation 4

Grisetti (VT): low double twisting Yurchenko 13.933

Crisan (BB): falls on double layout series 11.566

Kim Bui killed it on floor for a 13.4

Eremina (FX) she can still medal here despite a beam fall – full in with step, double Y turn,  1 1/2 to  2 1/2 to punch front, Semenova to full turn, double back tuck OOB 13.3

Kinsella falls on UB and gets a 12.4. Cimpian BB  12.666

Kovacs (FX): Popa, DLO almost stuck, stuck full in, very high, front layout to front full series, with step forward, double tuck with a small step very clean and controlled she has given Downie a run for her money. 13.033/4.9 55.432 her total

De Jesus vaults for a bronze medal. The DTY looked good for her this year. Big bounce back from the landing. 14.366/5.4 should be enough.

Downie (FX). Silivas hop fwd,  1 1/2 to Arabian double front (low again, steps back), double back pike. Has she done enough? She already breaks into tears waiting for her score 13.833/5.5

Tears of joy from all the medalists: Gold Ellie Downie, Silver Zsofia Kovacs, Bronze Melanie de Jesus

Top eight 

1 Ellie Downie 55.765

2 Zsofia Kovacs 55.432

3 melanie De jesus Dos Santos 55.065

4 Elena Eremina 54.266

5 Kim Bui 53.499

6 Martina Maggio 53.199

7 Nina Derwael 52.832

8 Ana Filipa Martins 52.832

Later edit – here are the full results:





Article: Bea Gheorghisor

Cover Photo: Stephen Wright

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10 Responses

  1. xexeo says:

          Finally, after four podiums, Ellie Downie wins her first AA gold. Zsofia Kovacs is left with the silver, breaking a fast of 19 years, since Adrieen Varga conquered the gold in the vault. The Frenchwoman Melanie de Jesus dos Santos repeats the first podium of last year for her country, bronze. Romania, seat of the championship, disappointed – the best ranked, ioana crisan, came in 18th place. Elena Eremina, the feeling of last year in the youth, stayed in fourth. Two participants of the AA of 2015 repeated the same results – Ana Felipa Martins the eighth place and Eythora Thorsdottir 12th place. Tomorrow, vault and unelen bars.

  2. xexeo says:

    Since the unforgettable French team of 2005, a Frenchwoman did not win the gold in a European. Coline Devillard was the last to jump and passed the favorite Ellie Downie, who got the silver. In an unprecedented campaign, Hungary took the podium again with Boglarka Devai and his bronze. Maria Paseka stayed in fourth, tisha volleman in fifth, Zsofia Kovacs in sixth, Teja Belak in seventh and Angelina Melkinova in last. A remarkable moment was the happy birthday to you sung for Belak, who turns 23 today.
    After twelve years, Belgium makes history with Nina Derwael, with the first gold in the uneven bars. The first medal came with the bronze of Angje Vanwalleghem in the vault at Debrecen-2005. Elena Eremina got the silver and a bronze tie – Elizabeth Seitz second medal – the first was the silver in the AA of Berlin-2011 – and one more broken fast – six years ago that a German did not get on the podium. And Elissa Downie the third medal in Cluj-Napoca. They closed the podium Kim Bui in fifth, Zsofia Kovacs in sixth, Rebecca Downie with a spectacular fall in seventh and Melanie de Jesus dos Santos in last.

  3. Stefani says:

    blows my mind that someone can win an all around Euro medal with some score in the 13s and final total less than 57….
    has it been a rough year for gymnasts? Even the 2013 Euros had better scores and more competition. I’m surprised to not see ANY Romanians and only 1 Italian.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love the diversity of countries (I’m particularly happy to see a Belorussian athlete in the top 8 because haven’t seen that in a while) but the scores just don’t look competitive to keep up with China, USA, Japan which is rising, etc.

    • Stefani says:

      EDIT: I didn’t realize that BEL was for Belgium! Either way still great 🙂

      • Michael says:

        Just keep in mind that compared to 2013, all start values on UB, BB and FX are 0.5 lower because of the removal of one composition and that all start values on VT were significantly lowered too. 🙂

        If you look at how the American women have been competing since the beginning of the season, their scores are a bit higher but still not sky high compared to those given in Cluj at Euros.

        It is still very early in the Olympic cycle and I believe we can expect score to increase by October for Worlds in Montreal 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      Isn’t the score in part due to the change in the COP?

    • Eric says:

      We’ll have to get used to it. It will be harder to reach the 15 bar with the new COP. And the 16 seems out of reach now.

  4. xexeo says:

          Catalina Ponor wins gold on the beam and becomes the most decorated Romanian of the European, beating Nadia Comaneci. Nadia herself handed the gold to Ponor in one of the most exciting moments of the competition. Eythora Thorsdottir took the silver and Larissa Iordache with the bronze. Closing the podium, Elissa Downie in fourth, Sanne Wevers in fifth, Zsofia Kovacs in sixth, marine boyer in seventh, Claudia Fragapane in eighth and Tabea Alt in last.
    Angelina Melkinova wins the second gold in the European – the first was last year by teams. Elissa Downie comes out with silver, becoming the gymnast with the highest number of medals and Eythora Thorsdottir the bronze joining the silver on the beam. They closed the podium Kim Bui in fourth, Lara Mori in fifth, Pauline Schefer in sixth, Claudia Fragapane in seventh and Elena Eremina in last.
    ELISSA DOWNIE – Even though she did not become the queen of the tournament, she came to stay and who knows how to repeat the feat in October;
    THE ZEBRAS – Nina Derwael and Coline Devillard took advantage of the void left by the great athletes in 2017 and made history.
    CATALINA PONOR – The Romanian becomes the fifth greatest gymnast of all time in the European.
    EYTHORA THORSDOTTIR – She was the missing gymnast on the podium. It was. With two medals, the Netherlands has been establishing itself as a force for Montreal.
    ANGELINA MELKINOVA – After two disastrous stages of the World Cup, nothing like a European to exorcise the bad results.
    TIME ROMENO – A shadow of what it was in recent times, it still depends on its stars to make a difference. Is it enough for October?
    SWITZERLAND – Without Giulia Steingruber, the team disappeared. Best luck in Glasgow-2018.

  5. Marguiet says:

    I am very disappointed with Downie’s form. I had never seen such a bad choreo (music included). She’ll never be an elegant gymnast.
    Gymnastics is going the wrong path. So many errors and falls…!

  6. JkUk says:

    I have been impressed with the French women throughout these championships. Their form is gorgeous, they have upped their difficulty massively in the past few years. Although they are a very young team, they are competitive at European level. Well done to the whole French team and their coaches. I now look forward to seeing Marine Boyer have a better day on BB, and hopefully Alison Lepin in an UB final.

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