2017 Stuttgart Results and Report

The 2nd all around world cup event of the year took place in Stuttgart, Germany on the 18th or March.

Tabea Alt won in front of her home crowd with a total score of 54.199. She presented a solid DTY  (14.233), had some troubles on bars  after stopping on the high bar and then falling on her knees on the DLO dismount (12.400) but recovered well on beam – layout to two feet mount, flick – loso – loso connected (14.066) and floor – full in tuck, punch front to double back, double back pike (13.500), where she posted the highest scores of the field.

Russia’s Angelina Melnikova had a good day too, with a 53.732 total all around score. Her best events were vaults (14.266 for DTY) and bars ( 14.400), she fell on the layout to two feet on beam, to receive a 12.400 and struggled with some of her floor landings in an otherwise successful routine (12.666).

US’ Morgan Hurd had a bittersweet debut in the international senior field, winning the bronze medal with a 53.265. She was the top vaulter (14.366 for her DTY), she also had  good bars set (14.200). Come balance beam, however, she completely lost confidence and fell twice in her routine, on a standing full and layout stepout series. She threw a great full in to dismount for a 11.233. On floor she had the best tumbling in the competition with a double double, full in pike, front layout to front double full, double pike to finish (13.466).

Pauline Schaefer (GER) placed 4th with 53.231. She impressed on beam with her original elements, split leap to Y turn, double turn, flick layout step out, Schaefer, Gainer dismount (13.566). On floor (13.466), she had one of the best performances of the competition, presenting a double layout, front double full, double pike and polished choreography.  But lower scores on bars and vault sent her back overall.

Eythora Thorsdottir had a less successful meet than we’ve come to expect of her, earning a total all around of 50.632, with mistakes on bars (12.900) and a fall on beam (11.333) and a few uncontrolled landings on floor (12.633).

Zhang Jin of China placed 6th after warning 50.032 points, while Alice Kinsella (GB) placed 7th with 47.099.


Here are the final results
1 ALT Tabea 54.199
2 MELNIKOVA Angelina 53.732
3 HURD Morgan 53.265
4 SCHAEFER Pauline 53.231
5 THORSDOTTIR Eythora 50.632
6 ZHANG Jin 50.032
7 KINSELLA Alice 47.099

Full results

Article: Bea Gheorghisor

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