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We are over-flooded with news from Romania these days and we need to keep up with at least some of them. It might look that we are running a Romania & the rest website here but we promise this is not the case, only circumstantial. We all know how once this wave calms down we will be begging for some sort of update from Izvorani or Deva.

Junior nationals are happening in the second half of this week in Deva. We will talk more about this competition on Sunday, but you can read through the  schedule here [Link]. The highlight for me will be the level 4 competition ( gymnasts born in 2001-2002) with so many interesting young gymnasts (Cimpean, Iacob, Butunoi, Mihai etc.), but also level 5 with Iridon, Peng, Holbura, Orzu, Butuc. Unfortunately it looks like Jurca and Stoica are not competing (to name a few).

The senior team received some cash prizes and other attentions from the Sports Ministry,

with this occasion Octavian Bellu was interviewed “Things get more complicated next year and I don’t want to think that the Romanian team will be for the first time in history  in a position to not qualify for the Olympics. The objectives, beyond the excitement of the moment created by the Worlds, are very clear to me and they remain clear: Romania must not fall from the podium in the team competition. For ten editions, Romania was on the podium at the Olympics. We need to stay close to these girls from all points of view and I think there are hopes in the perspective of the Olympics. Indeed, you fight some giants, but some giants that have seen better days and some bad days. They are people and they may have difficulties”…

“For now we have Larisa and a group of girls who are trying to make high performance. Larisa to stay healthy next year and a half and grow where it is needed, but must have at least two spears. Bulimar would be an option, she will also have a time when she can grow in terms of difficulty at least to the level she had before the injury, but when you come after three injuries to the same knee you have to work with attention, you must have some priorities to see what apparatuses she should work. Probably on vault it will be hard to push her to do that DTY, because she injured twice doing the same element. I think she can be used on bars, beam and floor. She is young, determined to recover, she saw she is needed, but I expect a lot from others too because they are children that can grow and can get higher marks on execution. [Link]



A new head coach will be appointed these days. Lucian Sandu, Lacramioara Moldovan and Cristian Moldovan were the interim team for Nanning and are also among the front runners for the permanent position. But Adrian Stoica, the head of the Romanian Federation, said “I don’t want to name names but we will choose from the people that have worked before with the team… There will also be names from outside the (current) team.” [Link]

Nicolae Forminte, former head coach of the Romanian Seniors, is now a coach at Deva, for the Junior team “Romanian coach said to a radio station that he returned to Deva with a desire to build a generation of gymnasts able to keep Romania on the Olympic, World and European podium. The technician said that the key to improving current results is improving the physical preparation, area in which the gymnasts have some gaps at the moment. In addition, the coach believes that the uneven bars, event that created the problems athletes in Romania in recent years, is in need to fundamentally restructure”. [Link]

Finally, Larisa Iordache was everywhere last week doing TV, radio and newspaper interviews. Here are some excerpts from one of the most recent articles:

“There are many feelings, many experiences, compressed into one minute, or one second. It’s a good feeling to compete at Worlds. But when you know you’ve done something wrong, it is painful, because you know that you could be there on the podium, on the highest level”… “May the best one win, that is my premise, and all I need to do is keep working to get to the most precious medal.”

“It was hard to Nanning, but we tried to focus each of us, we knew anyway that Mrs. Mariana and Mr. Bellu were close, supported us in every moment we were  there and I want to thank them very, very much”.

“I want to be healthy. I want and hope that in Rio, the story has a happy ending, but there is a some time left and I am taking it one step at a time. Now I’m in the middle of the story, so to speak. It’s a nice way, but with hard work. I think I’ll get through and it’ll be all right for me”. [Link]



So there is more coming up from Romania, but let’s sit back and enjoy while it lasts!


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  1. Anisky says:

    Junior team coach plans on a fundamental restructuring of bars coaching? Hallelujah! I can’t wait to see what changes they make, and what impact it will have for the future of Romanian gymnastics… though I know I’ll have to wait a while for the second one. Still, that quote made my day!

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