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2018 Gymnix: Report & Results

Find here a summary (with full results) of the Junior and Challenge competitions:

#2018British: Event Finals Photo Gallery

Find here a beautiful photo gallery submitted by photographer Myriam Cawston:

#2018British: Senior AA and EF Results

Find here the results of the all around and the event finals for the senior division:

#2018British: All Around Photo Gallery

Find here a beautiful photo gallery submitted by photographer Myriam Cawston:

2018 British Championships Preview

With Ellie Downie and Claudia Fragapane, out due to injuries – the British title is very much up for grabs:

Serie A 2018: A quick update

Find out how are the Italian team members doing from a recap of the first Serie A meet of the season.

2018 American Cup Results and Report

Find here the detailed results, report and video of the 2018 American Cup:

2018 Melbourne World Cup: Results & Report

The Melbourne meet opened the 2018 World Cup circuit, with countries like AUS, CHN and NZ.

2018 English Champ: Report and Results

Claudia Fragapane, Amy Tinkler and the English squad are looking great, find their scores and routines here!

2017 Worlds: Day 2 Event Finals

Murakami and Schaefer wins titles on the last day of the 2017 World Championships

2017 Worlds: Day 1 Event Finals

Maria Paseka and Fan Yilin defend their titles while history is made and first-year seniors impress.

2017 Worlds: All Around Results and Report

Read here a report and results for the women’s all around final at the 2017 Worlds in Montreal.

2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 5 and Results

Read a recap of the 5th qualifying subdivision with USA, Japan, China.

2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 4

Read a recap of the 4th qualifying subdivision with France, Germany, Italy and Hungary,

2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 3

Find here a report of the 3rd subdivision of qualifications at Worlds, with team Romania, Netherlands and Switzerland.

2017 Worlds: Prelims Subdivision 2

Find here a report of the 2nd subdivision of qualifications at Worlds, with team Canada, Russia, Belgium.


So, What Did I Miss? (25th July -1st August 2017)

Find here a recap of the articles, videos and pictures of the last seven (or eight) days in gymnastics:

( August 1, 2017 )

So, What Did I Miss? (17 – 24 July 2017)

News, links, articles, videos and pictures of the last seven days in gymnastics. Here we go:

( July 24, 2017 )

Three Headlines of Last Week

Another Simone update, Laurie wins and US national camp attendees.

( December 4, 2016 )

Three Headlines with Ryan Benjamin

Simone update, 2017 US Championship location and a very sad piece of news.

( November 23, 2016 )


2017 Worlds: The Excitement is Building Up!

After a not so promising start of year, we will see an exciting competition that we will remember for years!

( October 1, 2017 )

The List: The (Other) Stars of the Quad

The List takes a look at gymnasts who were stars during their quad, even if just for a year or two.

( May 21, 2017 )

Italy: 2017 Euros and Serie A Update

Find here conclusions of Italy’s performance at Euros and some Serie A updates.

( May 17, 2017 )

The List: Amazing Saves

The List looks at moments that weren’t perfect, but were perfectly saved!

( April 10, 2017 )

Birthdays & Profiles

October Birthday Profile: Ling Jie

This month we say happy birthday to one of China’s most decorated gymnasts, once a World Champion.

( October 11, 2015 )

July Birthday Profile: Kristina Vaculik

This month we celebrate a relentless and very talented gymnast, that wrote history for her country at the 2012 Olympics.

( July 8, 2015 )

June Birthday Profile: Li Ya

This month we celebrate one of the innovators of the ’00s, a bars and beam specialist.

( June 17, 2015 )

May Birthday Profile: Amy Chow

Celebrating the two times Olympian, member of one of the most successful team of the ’90s.

( May 17, 2015 )