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  • “Perfect” 10s the NCAA Way

    Lauren Hopkins questions the meaning of “perfect” in considering the 10.0 as a score in NCAA gymnastics.

  • 18 Videos from the Gymnastics Weekend

    A range of videos from the weekend, including comebacks, mad skills, talented juniors, record breakers and one awesome ‘floor ex bomb’!

  • 16 Skills We Love to Love

    This week we look at some of the skills that gymnastics fans love to love!

  • Victorian Championships: Results and Photos

    Results and some beautiful photos by TCG photographer, Nadia Boyce, from the Victorian Championships this weekend.

  • Pac Rims: Day Three

    USA, Ellie Black golden in the last day of WAG event finals. Find all the medalists and watch some of the best routines!

  • The Pac Rims: Day Two

    Results and video from the Junior Event Finals at the 2014 Pacific Rim Championships.

  • So, What Did I Miss?

    Catch up with the week in gymnastics meets, photos, news, birthdays and general silliness here in So, What Did I Miss?

  • The Pac Rims: Day One

    2014 Pac Rims debuted with fab performances from team USA and Canada’s Ellie Black. Report, Results and Videos!

  • 15 Great Mold-breakers of Gymnastics

    Celebrating fifteen gymnasts who did things just a little bit differently— either for their nation, or for the sport of gymnastics in general.